Fushimi Revisited

I promised to re-visit Fushimi so here I am, and I must say; as much as I dislike sparkly bridge and tunnel venues, this is not one that I completely dislike.  Honestly Fushimi is kind of fun, and something different, especially here in Williamsburg.  The decor, which is definitely over-the-top and Miamiesque, is cohesive and well assembled.  The menu offers an array of salads, cold & hot appetizers, standard sashimi & sushi options, fancy Fushimi signature rolls, and hot entrees.  My gf and I ordered tuna tartar, spring rolls, a signature roll, salmon teriyaki, and sea bass with ‘XO’ sauce.  For a Japanese restaurant that is ‘attempting’ to attract well dressed, classy customers, I expected more …… I was disappointment.  The tuna tartar was just ok, as it lacked flavor…definitely needing a touch of toasted sesame oil and possibly a touch of acidity.  The spring rolls, honestly, tasted like something that had spent half of it’s life in one of Costco’s freezers.  The signature roll was way too large, mostly due to an overwhelming abundance or rice (personally I like my rolls wrapped with a small layer of rice).  The dishes I did enjoy were the salmon teriyaki and sea bass.  Both were tasty and very well presented.  My recommendation; go to Fushimi for their hot dishes ONLY, that is, if you like the club-like ambiance.  However, with so much competition in the neighborhood, I can’t seem to find a reason why anyone would go to Fushimi before heading directly to 1or8 (south 3rd Street) for their outstanding sushi, or ZenKichi (one of my personal favorites) for their Japanese fare & sake.  I won’t be visiting Fushimi again….and I can’t leave out the truth of the matter, which was that we both left with grumbling stomachs.  Maybe you had a different experience?

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