‘Rental Pick of the Month”

The Graham L Train stop and its surrounding neighborhood is growing in popularity.  While the community has been defined by 2-5 family homes and housing filled with hipsters and Manhattanites, new construction can be seen rising on many blocks.  Many rental projects include(now standard) amenties such as onsite laundry, rooftop access, and outdoor space.  The 8-unit new residency located on Metropolitan ave, right by the corner of Graham, includes the above mentioned features as well as modern kitchens and bathrooms.  On the top of the building sits 2 duplex lofts with 18ft ceiling and 2 full bedrooms, with their own full bathrooms.  One of the 2 bedrooms resides on the 2nd level, making the space ideal for shares looking for privacy and separation.  The rooftop boasts 360 degree view of Brooklyn and while it is accessible by all of the property’s occupants, it will most likely be shared by just 2 penthouse residence.  While the penthouses are nice and priced well, a 4 floor walk up may deter some.  The price, finishes, and location of the Williamsburg Apartment Rental is why I picked the residency as my ‘Rental Pick of the Month’.  An open house will be hosted this Saturday between 11am-1pm, for those who decide to inquire.







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