Toby’s Estate

When Toby’s Estate first opened it’s doors, just a few weeks ago, I was surprised to see yet another new coffee shop in the over-caffeinated Burg.  Within a 2 week span two coffee shops have opened their doors, just 3 blocks away from each other.  Need more beans?  The other shop now serves it’s version of Swedish coffee by the corner of Bedford Avenue, on North 7th Street.  We will focus on Toby’s Estate, and revisit the other shop later.  Owner Toby Smith is quite the pioneer.  He is so passionate about coffee that he spent extended periods of time digging around plantations in Brazil, Guatemala, and other areas, honing his cupping & trading skills while gaining knowledge about everything Coffee.  After his stints, he traveled to his native land in Australia and began practicing different brewing techniques in his Mom’s home in Sydney.  Toby’s passion has come to head here in Williamsburg, at his flagship location on North 6th Street, between Bedford Avenue and Berry Street.  The shop is gorgeous ….. the coffee is the best in the neighborhood in my opinion …. the baked goods and treats are equally as yummy.  Some of thier food and sandwiches are really delicious, such as thier version of an egg sandwich, with roasted tomatoes and espresso dipped bacon…really really good. Just yesterday I stopped in for an apple tartine, mocha made with real chocolate ganache, and a comfortable place to sit and study.  Definitely go and check them out, and take a look at thier very clean, nicely branded website :

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